The Hidden Hand

So you decided to think a little bit?

Or perhaps you are surprised of what you have been watching so far. Maybe you’ve woken up a little to the hidden reality of this world and to the “hidden hand”.

Hidden hand…

What is the hidden hand?

It’s the very people that are manipulating you. The ones who are creating the propaganda to control you in order to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires. The ones who take advantage of you and the masses’ ignorance. The ones that want to keep you ignorant. It’s been happening for a while and still is happening to this day.

After you think about it for a bit, you may be wondering why do these people want to do such cynical things to us. Well, in the following video will spell out their ultimate goal for the world. Ultimately power is the essential want for these sick people…

There’s a New World out there, and you need to open your eyes and think in order for you to see it…

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