Money Makes The World Go ’round

“Whoever has the gold makes the rules…” – A Hawaii auto repair guy

You’ve heard this golden rule. Although we can translate it to whoever has the money makes the rules. And this saying is all too true whether you know it or not.

In the last post, The Hidden Hand, you were introduced to the “puppet masters” and their goal for society and the masses. In essence, it’s not the governments that are in control, nor the people. This is not a democracy. Democracy is just an illusion that politicians provide the masses.

The real power are the ones that holds the money. It is the ultra rich and wealthy families of this world, the 1%, or as they are called The Ruling Elite, among other names. They hold the power and the leverage to have their way with all politicians, “leaders”, and ultimately the people.

They manage to manipulate global markets, they create their private groups that feed their information to governments, to the senators, to congress, etc., of their recommendations, policies that they want, and whatever they think should happen. And if you ever read into the recommendations that they make and really look into it, you’ll see that they usually would get what they want. Policies are passed and ultimately becomes law.

Still don’t believe in the real ruler/rulers of this world?

Haven’t you learned yet?

“It’s the world that you don’t see…”

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